Yamuna Pavilion | North Pavilion | Mosque - Humayun's Tomb

Yamuna Pavilion
Yamuna Pavilion, By Mohsin Javed
The Yamuna Pavilion built in the eastern wall.
The pristine white Yamuna pavilion once employed Persian wheels to lift the water from the river to feed the water channels in the Charbagh – with the Yamuna having changed its course a long time back and the pavilion non-functional, even its walls with their red paintwork designs and arches appear parched.

Inside view of Yamuna Pavilion, By Mohsin Javed

Yamuna Pavilion, By Mohsin Javed

North Pavilion
North Pavilion, By Mohsin Javed
North Pavilion also referred to as Hammam built in the northern wall, painted white throughout with red paintwork designs relieving the monotony, that lifts water from a well outside the complex periphery.

North Pavilion (back view) , By Mohsin Javed
The water runs down an incline layered with the stone in horizontal zigzag patterns to fall into a crystal-clear hexagonal tank before snaking its way into the channels – the sunlight reflecting in the tank is caught to shine into numerous surrealistic patterns that gladden the heart & moisten the area around.

Mosque Humayun's Tomb
Mosque Humayun's Tomb, By Mohsin Javed
The Mosque lies next to the magnificent Humayun’s Tomb, most visitors, historians & photographers seem to forget or do not notice the large wall mosque (Qibla) that rests on a raised platform near the South gateway – the Qibla even has chambers underneath the platform.

All Photos © Mohsin Javed